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Lori Gualco
"Robert Eakin has been the best math tutor we have found for our children. He has helped them understand math so that not only do they do well on tests, but they also build a strong foundation for future assignments and classes. Robert is courteous and professional and always goes the extra mile to accommodate our schedule. I highly recommend Robert for all your tutoring needs."

Wendy Brown
"Robert is an exceptional tutor. My son was having an extremely difficult time grasping geometry. With Roberts help he not only passed but got a B. It was great to have a tutor that worked around our active schedule. Thanks Robert."

Doug & Anne Bayless
"Sam has worked hard in math for an average grade in previous years, and Robert helped him achieve an A- for his senior year of math. We wish we had found Robert earlier." 
Gary and Kristine DiFabio

"Our son has always struggled with Math and Algebra. We have used several tutors without measurable success.  Since Robert has been working with him his grades have improved and he no longer fears math. Robert has a demeanor and teaching style that has connected with our son. Thank you Robert."

Jeanette Youngblood
"Robert is an outstanding tutor who is able to work with people with disabilities. After other tutors were unable to help our daughter, who has significant learning disabilities, understand trigonometry, we were delighted to find Robert. With Robert's help, she successfully completed her college trigonometry class easily. We highly recommend Robert."

Anh Dang
"The work that Mr. Eakin did with my son was really transformative. Math class went from a misery to work that's not just manageable, but kind of exciting. We are so happy to have found Mobile Math Tutoring."

John Lambert
"Since working with Robert, I have seen my AP Calculus math grade improve and have a much better comprehension of the material. I feel more prepared for my exams."

Deb Kinney
"Robert - you're the best. Kyle Johnson is flying through Algebra II. He hopes to be as "fast" as you are with equations and his calculator. He is looking forward to physics and calculus. Yikes! As a mom, you've taken the pressure off me to help with homework. I owe you !" 

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Soha's son
"Robert is the smartest teacher ever. He is always ready for all types of questions. I start with him on the tenth grade and will continue until the senior year. He is a very respectful teacher and always on time. Thanks Mr. Robert"

Melinda Eppler

"We were just notified that Berkeley got a 95 on his Algebra final at Jesuit! This success, thanks to your tutoring the past 30 days, brought his grade from a C+ to a B-! Looking forward to getting you back on board weekly to ensure he is prepared for next Fall! Thank you Robert.

K. Hansen
"Robert allowed my daughter the chance to actually relax and learn! Now she is open to trying - thanks Robert!!!"

K. Hansen (a year later)
"Hi Robert:  Jamie is getting a B+ in Algebra - she would not have been able to do this without your help along the way!!  Hope all is well.

J. Ritzema 
"Robert, We really appreciate you and the work that you did with Madison. I loved the way you worked with her and I loved hearing her say, "Oh I get it now!" from the kitchen table. She took the STAR test and she said she felt really good about it and she has a B+ in math. She is doing great and we thank you for all your knowledge and help. You're a great tutor!"

Zona Freeman
"Chandler is doing so much better in math since he started working with you. The tutoring sessions are so calm and productive compared to when his older brother or I helped him."

M. LaSalle
"Robert has tutored both of my children in math. I quote one of them saying 'Robert is my math teacher'."

The Wiesenfarths
"Robert Eakin is the best! He helped our kids improve their math grades in 4 sessions. We will definitely have him tutor our kids in the future!

Ruth Buller
"Robert has been SUPER helpful to me as I've begun my own mini side job of tutoring. Not only has he provided me resources and referrals, he's also been my go-to when my brain can't remember concepts I last covered 2 decades ago. Thanks Robert!"

Chuck Bixby

"Robert is like no math tutor our son has ever had. He takes what looks like a difficult math problem and methodically breaks down the steps into a solution that is easily understood. This has helped our son to tackle seemingly abstract math problems with logic, confidence, and success."

Patti Alverson
"With your help, our son has gained more confidence in his math ability. Your sessions with Rob reinforce the concepts presented in his Pre-Calculus class. It is reassuring to him that if he doesn't quite understand the material, you will be there to help him.
We appreciate your willingness to be flexible in scheduling your tutoring sessions. If our son has a test, you always accommodate his needs. I think his time spent with you in test preparation has had positive results."

Dennis Laviolette
"Robert, I would like to thank you for all your help with the Plumber/Pipefitters Exam. I went back the very next day after we had our last tutoring session and got a 93% right off the bat. Again, thank you."

Denise Callahan
"Robert is a thoughtful tutor whose teaching provides real results. He is absolutely dependable, conscientious, and flexible with a strong ability to patiently explain complex material. Robert has tutored my son for about 3 years and will continue to do until he graduates from high school."

A. Milesi
"Mr. Robert Eakin has tutored our HS son weekly for two years. Robert is very dependable and dedicated to tutoring. He tapers his tutoring to the current needs of our son, and offers a strategy for near-term improvement. We are quite pleased to employ him and have him visit our home."

J. Romney
"Robert gave our son the confidence and expertise to help him realize an "A" in Algebra. He's reliable (to the minute - comes to the home), flexible (helped with our last minute panic - came on a Sunday night before a test) and patient! He will definitely be our math tutor of choice through high school. The Romney's."
R. & T. Coons

"We wish to thank you for the excellent way you have been helping our daughter to learn math. We took her to XYZ Learning Center where she used examples to get through her requirements in Algebra, but she was frustrated because she understood nothing of what she was doing. You have been able to break through her frustration and have actually helped her to understand and like math."